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Hakkında: Aluminum access panel ceilingtile decorative ceiling panels aluminum tube ceiling
ALUMTIMES ceiling Tiles provide easy access by lifting and tilting the ceiling tiles. They are ideal for situations where regular maintenance or service is required to ducts, pipes, airco-systems, or computer-or telephone networks. Before selecting this system, care should be taken to ensure that there is enough space in the plenum to lift the tiles upward. Because the PRANCE Lay-In and Lay-On system offers easy access and adaptability, lighting and services can be conveniently repositioned. This is particularly useful for supermarkets, Laboratories, computer suites and offices.
Ceiling Tile Type: Metal Ceilings
Material: Aluminum Alloy 1100/3003
Application: Shopping Mall
Color: Customer Require
Feature: Artistic Ceilings
Advantage: Environmental
Surface Finish: Powder Coating
Thickness: 0.5-1.2mm
Raw Materials: Polyester Resin
Size(mm)Side Height(mm)Thickness(mm)Edge Type
300*30020/250.5~1.0Beveled /Square Edge
300*60020/250.6~1.0Beveled / Square Edge
300*120020/250.7~1.0Beveled / Square Edge
400*400200.6~1.0Beveled / Square Edge
500*500200.6~1.0Beveled / Square Edge
600*60020/25/280.6~1.2Beveled / Square Edge
600*120020/25/280.7~1.2Beveled / Square EdgeCurtain Wall custom

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